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French Bulldog Gifts


Let us help you find memorable French Bulldog gifts for you or the French Bulldog lover in your life.  Our French Bulldog merchandise include mugs, wine stoppers, dipping bowls, creamers, sugar bowls, treat jars, and other items.  If you value unique gifts, made in America, then you are in the right place.  All of our French Bulldog pottery is made for you in our Northern California studio in small batches, using our original artwork It is truly a pleasure to create these items and we believe that each piece takes with it the joy of the creative process. 

We currently offer two different versions of French Bulldogs: all fawn Bulldog and a fawn with dark face French Bulldog.  Does your dog have different colors or markings?  Then customize it.   Choose the "custom" option on the item's page and we will alter the artwork to better match your dog's coat (a small art fee is applied for all custom work). 

Our French Bulldog gifts are made of stoneware, so they are as durable as they are pretty.  Feel free to microwave and dish-wash them.  They're sturdy, just like the dog breed they celebrate.  

French Bulldog registrations have increased 323% over the past decade, according to the AKC.  What is about them that makes them so popular?  Their small size, low exercise requirements and dislike for cold temperatures make well suited to indoor living. Their bat-like ears and bulging eyes render them somewhat comical, which adds to their charm.  On top of which, they are very fond of their humans, and great with children.  The demand for this breed has also received a boost by the many celebrities that own a Frenchie (Hugh Jackman,  Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon to name a few ).   The wonderful thing about French Bulldogs, and any dog for that matter, is that they'll love and adore you whether you're famous or not.  We are happy to celebrate this breed with our handmade French Bulldog Merchandise.