How long will it take to ship my order?
It can take up to three weeks to ship an order, if the order is for something that I don't have in any form in my studio  I make all of my items from scratch and there are basically 4 stages - forming, glazing, decorating, and finished.  Pieces are formed by slip-casting (the use of liquid clay in molds to form the pieces).  Once dry, this "greenware" is fired in the kiln (bisqued) and becomes bisque.  The bisque is glazed and fired.  The fired glazed pottery is then ready for final decoration.  It is decalled and fired again, whereupon, it becomes part of my in-stock pottery or goes off to its new home, because it was made for a specific order.  So, for any given dog pottery item, I can have greenware, bisque, glazed pottery, and decorated pottery on hand all a the same time.  But because my studio is limited in size, I am not able to stock every finished piece for every shape, dog breed, and coat variation within dog breed.  I try to have glazed pieces on hand, or at least bisque so that I can fill orders in 1-1.5 weeks. Sometimes I experience a rush on a shape and I end up with none on hand, in any form, and have to start the process from scratch when I receive an order for it.

Why don’t I see which items you have in stock?  
Unfortunately, my website platform doesn’t allow me to show in-stock items (track inventory) and at the same time allow back-ordering of the same item.  This lack of back-order feature has been an issue for me for a while and I will be migrating my website to a different platform in the next year.  But for now, I do not have any good way of letting a customer know which items I have in stock.

Can I have two different dogs or dog colors on the same item?
For items that have two dogs on them (sugar bowl, creamer, mug, salt and pepper shakers), you can have two different dogs - one dog on one side, and the other dog on the second side.  These can be two different breeds, or two different coat colors of the same breed.  To order an item like this, put the item in your shopping cart that has one of the dog breeds or coat color that you want.  Then, in the “notes” section during checkout, tell me what the other coat color/dog breed is for the second side. For example, you could say “Please put a red and white Corgi on one side and a Golden Retriever on the other of the sugar bowl I ordered”.  Keep in mind that the dogs within the floral pattern are sized relative to the floral pattern, so that the white space around the dog looks good.  The dogs are not sized relative to each other as they would appear in real life.  So in the example above, though a Corgi is much shorter than a Golden Retriever, it would be similarly sized on a salt shaker.  Because the two dogs are on opposite sides, it really doesn’t matter.  

Can you personalize my item with my dog’s name?
The short answer is, unfortunately, no.  I have done this in the past but it leads to problems so I am no longer personalizing.  The first problem is that there isn’t a lot of white space between the dog and the floral to add a name.  So this would mean shrinking the dogs, which are already as small as I want to make them.  A second issue is that sometimes the text looks oddly placed even if it is centered.  This is because the feet of the dog are not perfectly symmetrical given how one front foot and one back foot are usually forward of the other.  I center the dog as best I can, relative to the top and bottom center-points of the floral design.  When I add text into the mix, the whole design sometimes appears out of whack, even though everything is centered.  The third issue is that defects sometimes occur and these defective pieces end up as “seconds” that I sell elsewhere.  It is very challenging, if not impossible, to sell a “second” that has been personalized with another dog’s name.

I don’t see my dog’s breed on the list.  Can you add it?
Yes, and getting a request for a new dog breed is how I generally add a new one to my list of breeds, though it may take some time.  I am currently a one-woman show, doing do all of  the dog and floral designs, along with all other aspects of my business.  There are times during the year that this can happen faster than other time.  Going into the holidays, I generally don’t have time for the artwork portion of my business. Even when I do have time, it can take a month or two to get a new dog design finalized, sometimes it’s much quicker.  Again, it depends on what else is going on at the same time.  Once I get a design done, then I still have to test fire several versions of it before it is completely ready to go.   Jan-August will be my quicker turn around times for new dog breeds.  

My dog is a mixed bred - do you make custom dog designs?
The short answer is no, not at this time.  The reason is that new dog designs take me a while (as explained above).  I wish they didn’t but they do.  So I concentrate on designs that, once finished, might appeal to a broader range of customers.  

Is your pottery made by you in the U.S. or purchased elsewhere?
I make my own pottery, start to finish.  The majority of the materials are sourced from the US (the ingredients in the stoneware and glaze).  The wine stopper corks are bought from the US but made elsewhere and  are my decal materials come from Germany.