Shop by Dog Breed

There is something special about holding, or beholding, a beautifully made object that depicts your dog's image.  At Shepherds Grove you will find unique, hand decorated, Dog Breed Gifts that you will be proud to own or give to the dog lover in your life.  All of our dog breed items are handmade here, in our Northern California pottery studio, so you will be buying something created with integrity and infused with the joy that comes from the creative process.   

We have many dog breeds to choose from and our list of breeds is constantly growing – new dog breed designs, or color variations of current designs, are added regularly, often times at the request of customers All of our stoneware is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe – the decoration becomes part of the glaze surface during kiln firing, so you can use your dog pottery daily with peace of mind.  And, because it's stoneware, it is very durable. 
The dog breed pottery from Shepherds Grove is hand decorated in a Mediterranean style, with colorful floral, and bold hand painted accents of blue and golden yellow.  The addition of our original dog breed designs into this mix makes for a very unique style that our customers really appreciate. Our dog breed themed items also make wonderful trophies for dog events, and we have been very happy to have made trophies for many events over the years.