Boston Terrier Dog Lover Christmas Ornament

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Boston Terrier Dog Christmas Ornament

Delight the Boston Terrier lover in your life with our Boston Terrier Christmas ornament.  It features a Boston Terrier surrounded by a colorful floral pattern, banded in golden yellow, and bold cobalt blue circles on the back.  It comes with a gold tone ornament cap.  A colorful and fun gift for the Boston Terrier dog lover!

To order your Boston Terrier dog Christmas ornament, select from the available coat options.  If your item is in-stock, it will ship 2-3 days from ordering.  Our pottery is handmade in small batches and we stock very little, if any, inventory, except for the blank pottery.  Thus, out of stock items will be made upon receiving your order and may take 2-3 weeks before the order ships.

How do I make my stoneware? In brief, the pieces are slip-cast in my studio and bisque fired. Then the item is glazed, hand painted with bands and other motifs and fired again.  It is then decorated with my original artwork that I make into decals using my ceramic decal printer.  The decals are made from ceramic pigments and fire at 1600+ degrees Fahrenheit, becoming a part of the glaze surface.  You can visit the "about us" page to see get more information and watch some short videos of the different processes I use to make my stoneware.  Because my stoneware is hand made and hand decorated, it is normal to expect some variation between items, especially in respect to the hand painted accents - no two pieces will be exactly the same.  Also, there may be small specks in the glaze and slight surface irregularities which are all a part of being handmade and only add to the charm of the piece.